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Introducing The Down The Drive Facebook Page

Good afternoon all

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time, during the infancy of this site, we had a facebook page. Some of you may have even stumbled upon that iteration of the facebook page, some of you may have become readers of this space because of that one. Then it went away through neglect more than anything.

Well now it is back, and it won't be neglected by us here at Down The Drive, so hopefully it won't be forgotten by you the reader and denizen of social networking. The site will be maintained by the staff of Down the Drive and will have content added daily.

We even have a spot available on the roster for someone who's sole job it is to monitor and add content to the facebook page. If you have any interest in that at all please feel free to contract us at downthedrive @ gmail dot com.

Oh, yeah, go like the page too.