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100 Days Until Bearcats Football

The summer is just beginning, and the countdown to football is finally exiting the triple digits.

This Bearcats football season promises to be an interesting one for Bearcats Nation. The Bearcats are expected to be one of the strongest challengers for the group of 5's spot in the access bowl's. But for a team with undoubtedly great potential there are key questions in very important spots.

How will the Bearcats go about replacing their pretty great rotation at left and right guard? Will Eddie Gran find a way to get more production from what was a pretty moribund running game in 2013? How does new Defensive Coordinator Hank Hughes acclimate his system to the talent at hand? Who on earth is going to play at defensive tackle? Can Gunner Kiel live up to the hype?

Valid questions all of them, and yet there is a slowly bubbling confidence in this team. The same confidence was there last year, but the performance on the field was underwhelming, particularly early. I have a feeling that things will be different. The second season has historically been a jumping off point UC coaches, my hunch is that it will be for Tommy Tuberville as well.


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