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Sean Kilpatrick Is Putting In Work In Chicago

The former Bearcat has been in Chicago preparing for the draft where DraftExpress caught up with him. Sean Kilpatrick has been working out with guys like Nik Stauskas, and Doug McDermott preparing for the big day. Unlike his mates SK is no sure thing to get selected in this coming draft. DraftExpress currently has him ranked as the 88th draft eligible prospect, 28 spots outside of the draft order.

That in and of itself will not be a huge strike against him. Even more so than the NFL draft the NBA process is more about potential than production. Every year teams get seduced by athletic marvels who have potential appears limitless, but who have very serious flaws (Is that Hasheem Thabeet's music?!).

What SK is trying to do is show that he has value for a late round team. In a league that is increasingly dependent on having multiple deep threats on the floor at all time to space the defense and create room for rim attacks SK will get a shot, be it through a late round selection or making someone's summer league roster. At the very least his ability to shoot the basketball will keep him in the minds of player personnel types, and with his work ethic all he needs is one chance.