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Sean Kilpatrick Impresses In His Vegas Summer League Debut

The once and always Bearcat was the best guard on the floor in the game between the Sixers and Jazz summer league teams.

Joe Murphy

Here is the excerpt from Liberty Ballers, the 76ers SB Nation site.

Starting shooting guard Sean Kilpatrick killed it tonight. He has somewhat of an age advantage since he's 24 but I won't hold that against him. He shot 7-13 (3-5 from beyond the arc) and scored 20 points. He didn't record too many other stats but it's clear the guy can shoot. Shooting is a obviously skill that the Sixers clearly lack so it wouldn't be surprising to see the team offer him a spot.

So it would appear that SK will have a chance to make a run at a roster spot for the 76ers this year. It helps his cause a lot that the 76ers aren't likely to try to be good this year again. At times last year the 76ers resembled a pro-am team that just happened to have the rookie of the year. If SK sticks with the sixers he will have a great time to pick up real live NBA experience as an undrafted rookie.