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Brandon Mitchell Nominated For All State AFCA Good Works Team

A big honor is at hand for the Cincinnati native.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

There was a particular phrase that was often employed by both the former athletic director and football coach in their time in the queen city. The phrase was that the logo never came off, implying that everything a student athlete did on and off the field carried that branded logo with him, good or bad. Like many things about Lyle it was a corny saying, but it resonated with the team and with the community, and people are taking notice.

Jordan Luallen personified that concept for years, and now that mantle has been unofficially passed to Brandon Mitchell, a Cincinnati kid playing for his city's school and representing himself in the best light. Mitchell has been very active with his community service throughout his entire time with the Bearcats. He has given his time to speak at local schools, visit children's hospital and he has been a long time contributor of his time to Mitch's Mission.

Join me in showing Brandon appreciation for all that he does in the community.