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Quintin Hampton Flips To UCF


Christian Petersen


Quintin Hampton is now Orlando bound and will play linebacker for the Knights. This is another blow to the Bearcats recruiting class which has cooled off a bit since a scintillating run through June. If you are prone to thinking of recruiting as a zero sum game this is really bad news. Hampton is a good fit for the downhill scheme that O'Leary plays his linebackers with, and he could very well end up being a good player for them.

The flip side of that is that the Bearcats are now back in the market for a linebacker, or a linebacker/end hybrid which would have been his ultimate destiny given how Hank Hughes likes to play from that spot. There are a few names to keep an eye on with the Bearcats linebacker recruiting. Chris Green is perhaps the most noteworthy, though Logan Hunt and Isiah Scott are also worth keeping an eye on. None of them are like for like replacements with Hampton, but there is still time to find a prospect to do that.