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Joshuwa Holloman Is A Bearcat

The Bearcats struck back after a couple of decommits this week and nabbed Auburn Hills native Joshuwa Holloman, adding a serious dose of speed to compliment the thunderous power of Tyler Boose.

Holloman is a fairly astounding athlete. According to Nike's SPARQ system Holloman is one of the top 10 athletes in the country. The SPARQ system accounts for the size and strength of a player and weights the attributes they produce relative to other players of varying sizes trying to reduce it all down to one number. At the Chicago event Holloman posted a 136.11. For whatever reason he wasn't invited to The Opening, but his numbers would have placed him comfortably inside the top 10 there.

The best thing about Holloman is that he takes all that athleticism and applies it to the running back position. The best thing about Hollowman as a running back is his ability to slowplay the blocking scheme, looking for creases and exploding through it when he finds one, and when he finds one explode really is the operative word. See it for yourself.

For someone with that kind of speed Holloman has pretty remarkable patience. The tendency for most guys with that kind of speed is to stay hitting that turbo button. Holloman doesn't succomb to that for whatever reason, he just sort of glides through the hole, and when he finds daylight he just sort of glides towards it, and good pursuit angles just evaporate.

Holloman is a great fit for this class, and not just as a complement to Taylor Boose. The Bearcats haven't had this kind of speed at running back in recent years. All due respect to RDA4, but he is quicker than he is fast. The only person who is comparable is Isaiah Pead, but even his track times don't stack up with Holloman's.

What do you think of the newest Bearcat?