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Updated Cincinnati Bearcats Recruiting Map

After a pair of defections last week, and a pair of commitments in the immediate aftermath of the Bearcats final camp of the 2014 summer evaluation period the Bearcats class is back where it was to start last week, at 17 commitments.

Rich Schultz

Here is the map of the Bearcats recruiting class. Note that those recruits who decommitted are marked in yellow.

With Antonio Howard gone the Bearcats Miami connection is just a little bit weaker than it was at the end of June. All is not lost though, the Bearcats are still in the mix for a few South Florida kids. Bruce Davis is the one that stands out as a real possibility; a projected outside linebacker that could start his career at safety ala Kevin Brown.

The one thing that is really hard to miss is just how much the Bearcats are snugging up to I-75 in this class. There are a couple of exceptions to that, Marquise Copeland in Cleveland, Ben Oglesby in Indianapolis, Ross Trail out in Arkansas, and Garret Jansen way out in Iowa. But the vast majority of the class is clustered around I-75. I am not entirely sure that this means anything, its just something that I find interesting.