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Bearcats Season Opener With Toledo Will Include Post Game Fireworks

Come for the football, stay for the explosions.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

This is a brilliant idea from Mike Bohn and his staff. Among Cincinnati diehards it has been a known fact that the Bearcats are playing the entire 2014 season down on the river. But outside of that group hardly anyone seems to know that fact inside the city, let alone out of it. I can't count how many times I have read previews of the Bearcats that mention at least in passing the homefield advantage of Nippert Stadium. That exists, and it is great, its also not particularly relevant this year.

Having that post game fireworks display is a great way to raise awareness for this season being played at Paul Brown Stadium. With so many people going out on a Friday night, spending their time downtown, or on the banks or in Newport or Covington UC has a captive audience to effectively announce that something else is happening at PBS this year. It really is a clever bit of marketing.