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Four Bearcats Are Retiring From Football For Medical Reasons

Bad news all around.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The players affected are Mark Barr, Javon Harrison, Marcus Foster, and Drake Bruns.

Mark Barr and Javon Harrison were both in the horrific car crash that claimed the life of Ben Flick and his best friend Sean VanDyne. Both gentlemen were always going to have an arduous journey to get back healthy enough to play college football again.

The news with Foster and Bruns is a little more surprising, I don't have a ton of well placed sources, but this still struck me like something out of left field. Foster was lost last season with an injury, but to my knowledge it wasn't career threatening. Bruns has spent most of his time as a Bearcat battling injuries so that isn't as surprising. Its hard not to feel bad for these young gentlemen. The only good news is that they will remain on scholarship until they graduate.