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Bearcats Schedule Posters Are Straight Fire

Despite the way that he left Whit Babcock did a lot of good things for the Bearcats in his time in Clifton. The most important of those was hiring Tommy Tuberville and getting the Nippert Renovation and expansion off the ground and moving. But one of his more lasting influences will be the way he created a singular vision for the way that the Bearcats have marketed themselves.

The annual summer release of the schedule posters is becoming one of the most visible manifestations of that. There is a through line with everything the Bearcats marketing department does now, and that wasn't the case five years ago. Back then every program decided more or less how they marketed themselves to the public. Sometimes that worked, like the "Come Early, Be Loud, Wear Black" mantra of the Kelly years. More often than not the message was muddled, and there was a cacophony of competing catchphrases and methodologies. Now, there is a basic look that translates across all sports and ties it all together. Its getting to the point where people can recognize the style from a distance and know that it is UC before they even get close enough to look and see who is on it.

Check out the posters for the rest of the fall sports here.