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American Athletic Conference Media Days Starts Now

All of the leagues representatives, players, coaches and media head to Rhode Island (weird, I know) for the two day event.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Heading to Newport will be Head Coach Tommy Tuberville and four seniors; running back/wide receiver Ralph David Abernathy IV, quarterback Munchie Legaux, linebacker Nick Temple and cornerback Adrian Witty. The festivities start today with some golf, at which Tuberville will kill absolutely everyone and the clambake / lobster eating competition.

Tomorrow is when all the news making happens. The coaches have their individual sessions, and the players will take up position and field questions from the assorted journalists. It is also when the preseason poll is going to be released. It would be a major shock if the poll shook at as anything but UC and UCF in some combination of 1 and 2; Houston and ECU in some order 3 and 4 and the field. Just like there was a big gap in basketball a year ago between the top 5 and the field, there will be a similar gap as this season plays out. Or at least there should be.