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Cincinnati Bearcats Pre Season Depth Chart Released

The Enquirer has the link.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


QB-Gunner Kiel (So.), Jarred Evans (Jr.), Munchie Legaux (Sr.)

RB-Hosey Williams (Sr.), Tion Green (Jr.)

WR-Shaq Washington (Jr.), Ralph David Abernathy IV (Sr.)

WR-Chris Moore (Jr.), Jeremy Graves (Jr.)

WR-Mekale McKay (Jr.), Alex Chisum (Jr.)

WR (when 4th WR used)-Max Morrison (Jr.), Nate Cole (So.)

TE-DJ Dowdy (So.), Tyler Cogswell (RS Fr.)

LT-Eric Lefeld (Sr.), Chad West (Jr.)

LG-Kevin Schloemer (Sr.), Ryan Leahy (So.)

C-Deyshawn Bond (So.), Dominic Mainello (Sr.)

RG-Parker Ehinger (Jr.), Kyle Williamson (RS Fr.)

RT-Cory Keebler (Sr.), Justin Murray (Jr.)


DE-Silverberry Mouhon (Jr.), Jerrell Jordan (Sr.)

DT-Brandon Mitchell (Jr.), Alex Pace (So.)

DT-Camaron Beard (Sr.), Chris Burton (RS Fr.)

DE-Terrell Hartsfield (Sr.), Brad Harrah (Sr.)

SLB-Nick Temple (Sr.), Clemente Casseus (Sr.)

MLB-Jeff Luc (Sr.), Solomon Tentman (Sr.)

WLB-Eric Wilson (So.), Kevin Brown (Jr.)

CB-Adrian Witty (Sr.), Leviticus Payne (Jr.)

S-Mike Tyson (So.), Andre Jones (So.)

S-Zach Edwards (So.), Darren Doston (Sr.)

CB-Howard Wilder (Sr.), Grant Coleman (So.)


PK-Tony Miliano (Sr.), Andrew Gantz (RS Fr.)

P-John Lloyd (Sr.), Sam Geraci (RS Fr.)

LS-Kirk Willis (Jr.)

H-John Lloyd (Sr.), Sam Geraci (RS Fr.)

KR-Shaq Washington (Jr.), Ralph David Abernathy IV (Sr.)

PR-Shaq Washington (Jr.), Ralph David Abernathy IV (Sr.)

Some quick thoughts

-- The depth chart is, for the most part, devoid of major surprises, it looks more or less like close observers of the team expected it to look

-- Interesting that Hakeem Allonce isn't listed among the defensive tackles. I get that he hasn't been on campus to participate in practice and the offseason conditioning program. But everything I have heard says that he will be on campus soon, and that he can be penciled into one of the defensive tackle spots.

-- Shaq over RDA4 for primary punt and kick return duties. Can't say that I disagree with that.

-- Chad West being in the two deep at left tackle is the only real surprise from this list. West has been in the program for a while, but he has yet to find a position bouncing between offensive line, defensive end and tight end a few times. UC plays a lot of offensive linemen, 8 at the least, occasionally 9 and 10 depending on the game and opponent. That would mean that West is going to get some live reps in relevant spots this year. Maybe he finally has found a home