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Bearcats Still On The Outside Looking In Of The AP Poll

It is what it is.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

There are not a ton of differences between the coaches poll and the AP this week, at least not on top. The coaches didn't watch the Oregon Ducks win the biggest non conference contest of the season with shocking ease over a very good Michigan State team and so did not feel compelled to move the Ducks up the rankings at all. They also didn't see Virginia Tech beat Ohio State and so the Buckeyes are ranked a spot above the Hokies, despite Virginia Tech going into the Horseshoe and generally kicking ass.

The other newcomer to the poll is the BYU Cougars, the Bearcats rival in the G5 Poll, though not in real life. The case could be made that no team has been more impressive this week than the Cougars who went to Austin to kick ass and take names, and was very successful in both regards. The Cougars are legit, and just might be good enough to garner an at large spot in one of the access bowls.