Undefeated and untied.

Are the Bearcats the best hope for the American Athletic Conference to secure the first College Football Playoff Access Bowl slot? CBS Sports has Cincinnati playing Georgia in the Peach Bowl in its latest projections. It could happen!

There are certainly reasons to think that way, too. Prior to the season the non-conference games at Ohio State and at Miami (FL) both looked like sure losses. Now, not so much (though still very, very tough games). What's more, two of the AAC's best teams - East Carolina and Memphis - both have to come to Paul Brown stadium, while the third contender - UCF - is not even on the Bearcat's schedule. It's very conceivable at this point that Cincinnati could wind up winning the conference with an overall record of 11-1, including a win over a P5 conference team on its resume. In my mind, that's better than anyone else in the G5 is likely to have...

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