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Bearcats and Cougars Gamethread

With all of the excitement in Bearcat land its easy to forget tonight's game.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

You shouldn't because this is Bearcats basketball, and it's a home game. This is a game that the Bearcats need to hold serve in. While it is only January, and the conference race has barely taken shape at this point we all kind of know how this is going to pan out right?

There will be some separation between the leaders and the field over the next two weeks. We knew that SMU is probably going to be there. It looks like Tulsa has real staying power and could make the kind of leap that SMU made last year. We also know that UConn has a pretty easy slate over their next six games aside from a road trip to UC. UConn can drop the UC game, go 5-1 in that stretch and still make up a ton of ground.

The Bearcats have the ability to be in that mix, at least in theory. But to have that come to fruition the Bearcats can't slip up in games like this, especially at home. To make that run up towards the top of the standings they need to get solid results in games exactly like this.