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Big Second Half Leads Bearcats Past Cougars

I wanted to win this game really bad. You have no idea how bad I wanted to win this game, because it was special. My first son was born last night (1/20/15) at 9:07PM. That means that this was the first Cincinnati Bearcats my son and I watched together. Fortunately, even after a half that left much to be desired, the Bearcats have already taught my son about the importance of finishing as they beat Houston, 67-54.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't start pretty. Houston lead at the half, 28-24. Cincinnati didn't seem to be in sync.... until the second half.

Whoever is giving halftime speeches for Cincinnati needs to keep doing it for the rest of their life. Cincinnati came out of the Temple game and went off for 55 points in the second half. Though not quite on that scale, tonight they came out and scored 43 points in the second half. In there last two games, the Bearcats have outscored their opponents 98-51 in the second half. Perhaps Cincinnati is becoming a second half team.

On the day, the Bearcats shot 51.2% from the field. Cincinnati had three players in double-digits; including, Troy Caupain (13), Octavius Ellis, and Shaquille Thomas (10). Troy led the way, not only with his scoring, but also with adding 6 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals. A great all around game for the Sophomore, but he still needs to limit the turnovers (3 tonight).

The competition for time between Jermaine and Shaq seems to be doing them both well. Jermaine is becoming MUCH quicker to shoot (good thing) and Shaq is attacking more often and with more control. Shaq contributed 10 points on 4-5 shooting, in only 19-minutes of play. Hopefully, these two can continue to feed of each other and develop throughout the year.

I could write more, but I feel impelled to explain to my newborn son how to break the 2-3 zone.

-Daniele "Da" Bologna