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The All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Player Tournament: Mick Cronin Region Round Four

Scoring. Scoring everywhere.

Big East Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v Georgetown Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Before the fourth round of the All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Player Tournament, we must close the book on the third round. That’s just what we will do this afternoon, as we finish out the last of the third round with the Mick Cronin region, as is tradition.

We will end up voting between two high-scoring guards in the final of this region, as both Sean Kilpatrick and Steve Logan advanced on the backs of sizable support. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

No. 1 Sean Kilpatrick defeats No. 4 Pat Cummings

Interestingly enough, Cummings actually finished with the superior career scoring average (17.1 PPG) compared to Kilpatrick (15.3) and that’s without the aid of a three-point line. But that should in no way diminish how excellent Kilpatrick was. The poster star of the Mick Cronin era, Kilpatrick averaged 20.6 points per game as a senior, when he was named an All-American. He also ended up second to Oscar Robertson in career scoring at Cincinnati. When you’re second only to the Big O, you know you’ve done something right. DTD readers certainly believe that, as they gave Kilpatrick 87 percent of the vote.

No. 2 Steve Logan defeats No. 3 Jason Maxiell

Logan did not sprint by Maxiell so easily, but still earned a healthy 66 percent of the vote. Known both for his ability to put the ball in the basket himself and to set up his teammates to do the same, Logan was a real standout for the Bearcats. Just a few years later, Maxiell broke onto the scene, but he was never the scorer that Logan was. That may be what sealed his fate.

Two big-time scoring guards are all that’s left in the Mick Cronin region.

No. 1 Sean Kilpatrick vs. No. 2 Steve Logan

Logan played during the Bob Huggins era and was as good a scorer as Kilpatrick if not better. He finished with career splits of .435/.378/.861 compared to Kilpatrick’s .419/347/780 and his personal best scoring season (22.0 PPG) was better than Kilpatrick’s (20.6). However, Kilpatrick accrued 2,145 points during his career, making him one of only two players to ever eclipse 2,000 points. Robertson is the other. Now we get to see if efficiency or quantity rules the day.

Make sure to vote in all the regions (links below) and I’ll see you next week when we reveal the Final Four.