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Season in Review: Marquese Taylor

The three-star recruit was a good tackler and pass defender even if he played more wide receiver than defensive back in high school.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Numbers

  • 16 tackles
  • 2 passes defended
  • 1 interception

One of the most intriguing things about Marquese Taylor, and what made him a smart addition to the Cincinnati Bearcats, was his ability to play multiple spots on both sides of the ball. He primarily played wide receiver in high school, but also had the ability to line up as a defensive back and contribute on special teams. When he came to UC to play for Luke Fickell, Taylor, a three-star recruit, was given a role in the secondary, as the Bearcats showed a willingness to experiment and try players out in areas that lacked depth.

The 5’11”, 180-pound freshman from Atlanta didn’t magically become a starter, by any means, but not everyone can be Jarell White. Even without starter’s minutes, Taylor still managed to make an impact this season. He appeared in seven games for the Bearcats and showed a real talent at bringing ball carriers down. OF his 16 total tackles, 12 were unassisted.

Taylor did more than just get some tackles in his limited time on the field. He also proved that his skills as a wideout translated pretty well to the secondary, as he had two pass deflections and an interception. Considering the team had five as a whole, that’s a pretty big accomplishment.

The Best of the Best

Nov. 10 vs. Temple

Taylor really started to see an increase in his playing opportunities in November and no game was better than when he had four tackles and a pick against the Owls.

Nov. 18 at East Carolina

After such an effort against Temple, Taylor followed it up with a career-high five tackles and a pass deflection.

For Next Year

Considering the short burst with which Taylor was used, there is every reason to be optimistic about his continued development. He has already shown that he can make stops and has excellent ball skills. A playmaker like that will be a real boon to a UC defense that is only going to get better in 2018.