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Cincinnati Bearcats Football 2017

Season in Review: Thomas Geddis

Geddis went from candidate for the No. 3 wide receiver post to the runner-up in total receptions.

Season in Review: Josiah Deguara

The tight end didn’t get the boost that some expected under Mike Denbrock’s offense. Now he’s facing stiff competition from incoming recruits.

Mark Wilson: An Appreciation

It’s unfortunate that Wilson had to endure a miserable last two seasons in Clifton, but he deserves your thanks all the same.

Season in Review: Kimoni Fitz

Fitz was stuck on the second string, but he still played 12 games and made some plays. Sometimes the best ability is availability.

Season in Review: Kevin Mouhon

Another solid campaign can’t help wipe away the fact that Mouhon has the potential to do more.

Season in Review: Marquise Copeland

Who wore No. 44 and was the Bearcats’ best defensive lineman in 2017? This guy.

Season in Review: James Smith

That’s right, we’re talking about punting.

Grading the Defense: 2017

The offense was horrible. The defense was better, but that’s not saying much.

Jaylyin Minor An Appreciation

He had to wait for his time, but Minor finally got his chance this past season. It’s too bad he can’t stick around a while longer.

Season in Review: Chris Murphy

Murphy got more playing time in 2017 but he will still have to wait until next year to become a more integral part of the defense.

Season in Review: Marquese Taylor

The three-star recruit was a good tackler and pass defender even if he played more wide receiver than defensive back in high school.

Season in Review: Gerrid Doaks

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 starting running back.

Linden Stephens: An Appreciation

For four years one side of the field was always covered. Such a steady force at cornerback will be difficult to replace.

Season in Review: Jarell White

By the end of 2017, White had already proven his four-star rating correct.

Season in Review: Hayden Moore

For better or worse, Moore was the man under center for the Bearcats in 2017.

Season in Review: Javan Hawes

The freshman wide receiver didn’t get much playing time, but that was to be expected.

Season in Review: Perry Young

A big leap forward for the sophomore linebacker

Mike Boone: An Appreciation

In his first two seasons, Mike Boone was the most exciting player in a Bearcat uniform. In his last two years, he lost that mantle, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best running back on the roster during his time with Cincinnati.

Season in Review: Malik Clements

Clements got off to an awesome start but slowed down the stretch.

Season in Review: Michael Warren II

Gerrid Doaks was the star rookie running back, but Warren made a name for himself as well.

Revisiting Preseason Predictions

Expectations for the 2017 Bearcats were not extremely high at the Down the Drive offices before the year began. Somehow UC still fell short of those.

Season in Review: Tyrell Gilbert

A change in position and scheme did not help Gilbert improve on a solid — if injury-riddled — sophomore season.

Kahlil Lewis Season in Review

Lewis was the best pass-catcher on a team that didn’t pass all that well.

Cincinnati Punter James Smith Named First Team All-American Athletic Conference

That and other American Athletic Conference honors for Bearcats.

Grading the Offense: 2017

The football season has come to an end, which means its time for finals. The offense is up first.

Missed PAT Allows Cincinnati to Scrape Past UConn

Just your typical give-up-a-touchdown-with-no-time-left-only-to-have-the-other-team-miss-the-extra-point win.

Game Preview: UConn Huskies at Cincinnati Bearcats

It’s the sequel to the dreariest game of 2016.

Clayton Picks All the Games Correctly: Week 13 - The Thanksgiving Edition

Feast time.

Simulating UConn at Cincinnati

It’s time for a season finale.

Grading the Defense: Week 12

*Sighs heavily*

Grading the Offense: Week 12

It would have taken a Herculean offensive effort for the Bearcats to keep pace with East Carolina. They didn’t get that.

What We Learned From Cincinnati’s Loss to East Carolina

Giving up a lot of yards is bad. I thought we already knew that.


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