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Video Vault: Tulane Green Wave

This is a tough game every year.

Tulane v Florida International Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Tulane’s a tough game every year.

I am going to blow off some steam before the game by watching my five favorite lawn mowing videos.

5. This guy’s mowing his lawn at night. Power move, if you ask me. As the great George Jones said, Lawn could stand another mowin’.

4. Mowing in the Snow. Not a bad way to spend a Sund’y.

3. Lawn Mowing Tips. This Australian guy has a neat accent. I bet he knows a lot about mowing lawns in America. I learned from him that you don’t want to run over your foot with your lawn mower.

2. Fixing an Old Lawn Mower. With the PawSox leaving town, this guy from Rhode Island has nothing left to do, so he’s going to waste his weekend fighting with a lawnmower that was old enough to vote for George McGovern.

  1. How to Mow Your Lawn with a Weedwacker. A notably high percentage of these videos come from the land down under.