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Video Vault: USF

How to prepare for move-in day!

Tulane v South Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Hey, everybody!

Move-in day is approaching or something and everybody knows how difficult that can be.

Our man Mike here gives us his top seven tips for moving in to the USF dorms.

Mike favors boxes for carrying things. Mike says its OK to ask for help moving your boxes. The USF move-in team is there to help. Mike says bring the essentials: a microwave, a minifridge, a CB radio, a curio cabinet, a mimeograph machine, walkie talkies, an unopened copy of Stratego, Mike says to be ready for the unexpected. Mike says to stay hydrated. He has his own Brita filter. And he says other stuff for the next five minutes but I got bored and turned it off after five minutes.