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Mardy Gilyard to the Rams

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The St. Louis Rams selected Mardy with the 99th pick of the 2010 NFL draft. He was the first pick of the fourth round. I think that is as good a situation for him as anywhere else in the NFL. Young team, no established stars at wide out, new franchise QB in Sam Bradford. I think he has a chance to thrive with that team. You have to be excited for Mardy at this point. Also I hadn't come across this before but Mardy got the sports science treatment from ESPN. Pretty cool stuff.

In other less exciting NFL Draft news Tony Pike is still on the board with about 70 picks left to be made. I really hope that Tony gets picked up by someone in these last few picks before I head to Nippert for the spring game.

Update, 3:48 PM

Tony Pike is heading to the Carolina Panthers as they picked him with the 204th pick. I am pretty sure that Tony will be the last Bearcat selected in this years draft, but time will tell.

Update, 11:33PM

Yeah, I was wrong about Tony Pike being the last Bearcat taken in this years draft. Ricardo Mathews was picked by the Indianapolis Colts with the 238th pick.