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Indiana State Kickoff Time Set

UC will start the home portion of the schedule on September 11th at Noon. As a UC fan I am not a big fan of this start time. Day games in Nippert Stadium can be a bit flat, lacking the energy and atmosphere which makes Nippert such a tough place to play. Indiana State blows, really, really hard and it should be a proverbial lambs to the slaughter scenario even with a less than optimal atmosphere. But that's what you get when schedule a team that hasn't had a winning season in 14 years.

On the plus side of things, as a massive fan of College Football in general, I will be able to see UC kick off its home campaign without missing any of the other good games that day. Like Oregon at Tennessee or Miami at Ohio State. A good day is to be had by all. The only real concern I would have about this game is the attendance. UC should sell out every home game this season. But if there is a scenario in which UC would fall short of that objective playing a bad team like the Indiana State Sycamores at a bad time like noon would be it.