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The Great Conference Realignment of 2010

Your soundtrack to Armageddon

The first domino's in the Great Conference Realignment of 2010 have fallen. With Nebraska heading to the Big 10 and Texas and assorted friends heading west to link up with the PAC 10 to create a continent spanning monolith. This will almost certainly be the death of the Big East as a Football conference. The PAC 10 is going to 16 the Big 10 to 14 at least for now, probably 16 when all is said and done, poaching at least one school if not two. I highly doubt that the SEC will stand pat on expansion with all of this happening. They will surely add some schools, at least two and probably four, and all of them will come from the ACC. Best guesses would be Clemson, Florida State, Miami and Georgia Tech. The ACC will need to add schools to stay viable and a wholesale annexation of the smoldering ruins of the Big East would be the only play available. My best guesses for where UC lands? It will either be the ACC or in a giant middle American conference made up of the leftovers from the Big 12, the top schools in the mountain west, Boise State, and the one or two schools left from the Big East after the ACC raid V 2.0. Should be an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.