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A Look at Indiana State

Being completely upfront, this is going to be much, much shorter than the other posts in this series. This is for a couple of reasons, first and foremost amongst them is that this game is set up to be a lambs to the slaughter situation. Indiana State is not a good Football program, among the worst in the country at the 1-AA level. They have won 2 of their last 50 games so they suck, thats the baseline. Second there isn't a great deal of information out there about the Football team. No easily searchable blogs, no quickly accessible information on depth charts, recruits. The provided Football prospectus is, uh, brief. Very brief. I could get information from one of the more obscure pre season publications, but as they all pail in comparison to the mighty Phil Steele I will save the 7 bucks and not put much effort into this game. All you really need to know is that 90 per cent of UC's current roster could start comfortably for the Sycamores. There I said this would be a shorter post than the Fresno State one, and it is. Roughly 900 words less.

Just as a heads up there are some interesting things happening right now with UC's Football program behind the scenes. I can't give much detail because there isn't enough definitive information out there at this point in time. A lot of the rumors that are currently being generated by people around the program seem to stem from a rather cryptic tweet from Vidal Hazelton on Saturday. I have some ideas as to what this entails, but I am not a big fan a spawning bogus rumors so I will hold off on them until there is something more concrete.