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The MAC mentality strikes again

Brian Kelly accused Mike Thomas and his department of having a MAC mentality almost from the day of his hiring. Most of the stories behind the scenes have tended to back that up. But just in case you need another example of that mentality coming to the surface, todays announcement is just for you. UC has inked a home and home series with Wright State. I am not sure how this is a good idea, from any perspective, but there it is. The Raiders will come to Clifton on the 1st of January this year with the return in the 2012-2013 season. There are a few non Big Six conference schools that do merit a home and home arrangement, there are two within 100 miles of Cincinnati, and Wright State isn't one of them. It's funny to me that the AD would agree to this series when we don't even play Miami, an actual rival, home and home.