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Romel Dismuke Transfers to Buffalo

Romel Dismuke has transfered to the University of Buffalo.

The news that Dismuke is transferring is not that surprising. He was not highly regarded coming out of high school, garnering just two stars from Rivals and Scout. That being said, I did like him and thought that he had the ability to contribute to the secondary down the line despite his less than ideal height and size. Sadly it just isn't to be here in Clifton. A coaching change will always result in attrition, usually from the middle part of the depth chart. That is certainly the case with Dismuke who was Red-Shirted last year and came into his first spring practice finding himself buried on the depth chart behind Cam Cheatham and Rueben Johnson at one corner or Dominque Battle and Chris Williams at the other. All four of whom will be eligible for at least the next two years. Between the future needs at corner for Buffalo, which will graduate two starters and a primary backup after this season, as well as connection with Jeff Quinn and his new staff this is a good move for Dismuke and I wish the best for him in Buffalo.