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sorry for the lapse between posts. Its been a rough week, not that the softness or roughness of my week is of any interest to you, I just like to provide mitigating reasons anytime I slip up. You know, self preservation and all that shit.

The biggest news circulating amongst UC fans is that Brandon Carswell has been outed as the long rumored transfer to UC from the probation ravaged USC program. Carswell wasn't among the elite of the elite coming out of High School in Milpitas CA. He was still highly regarded, four stars with scout and rivals, just not among the hundred or so elites of the elite. He got hardly any burn in his two years at USC, just 6 catches for 28 yards in 19 games as a Trojan. Due to a strange quirk in the epically large and monumentally mind numbing NCAA manual student athletes who are upper upperclassmen playing for institutions that are set to go on probation are free to transfer to any other institutions without having to sit for the mandatory year. So Butch Jones has another toy for his sandbox. Though in all likelihood Carswell is a toy that Jones will play with once or twice before forgetting about him and moving onto the other shinier, more familiar toys like Isiah Pead and Armon Binns.

Vidal Hazelton was the man who first sparked the rumors surrounding the Carswell transfer on his twitter account has been at it again. He recently insinuated that there are two more SC refugees heading to Clifton. Now, I can't really give you a link to the tweet because I don't have a twitter account. There is a great reason for that. As a general rule I eschew most forms of social networking, and I steer especially clear of those that sound like the name of some large group masturbation ritual done by Elephant Seals on an Island off the Argentinian coast. Thats beside the point. Two more kids are heading out of Troy and supposedly to UC. But two has presumably become one as Travon Patterson is heading to Colorado instead of UC. Vidal says he has one more for us, and I have no idea who it is. Just google vidal hazelton twitter and scroll away to find out for yourself.

Still wondering just when the UC Oklahoma game is going to kick off or if it will be on TV? Well you have your answer now. Partly. Definitively yes for the TV coverage, it will be on ABC according to the Big 12 Media Guide (scroll to page 36). As for a kickoff time it will either be 3:30 or 8:00 as those are typically the only time slots ABC operates on, particularly early in the year.

The promotional events for UC Football games this year has been released.

Football Promotional Dates
Black Out, Ring of Red, and Homecoming announced.

•9/11 - Opening Day/Hometown Heroes Recognition - Indiana State

•9/25 - Bearcats at The Banks/UC Donor Appreciation Day - Oklahoma

•10/9 - Black Out Game - Miami of Ohio

•10/22 - Ring of Red Game - South Florida

•10/30 - Homecoming - Syracuse

•11/20 - Black Out Game - Rutgers

•12/4 - "Represent the C" Day/Senior Recognition - Pitt

No whiteout this year. I guess I will have to change my banner then.

Yancy Gates slipped into the top 20 of players in the Big East according to Rush the Court. I think that is right about where he should be. On physical talent alone he is among the best in the conference, but his mentality is rarely in sync with his abilities and he has had two up and down years as a result. Maybe this will be the year Yancy puts it all together.

(shrugs hopefully)

Lance Stephenson has signed a multi year contract with the Indiana Pacers following his strong summer league showing. Two years guaranteed at roughly $700,000 then $800,000 with a team option for two more. Proving once again why people who rail against kids trying to get paid on the books as soon as possible are morons who have no idea what they are talking about.

On a different, though hardly unrelated note. College Basketball has problems. They aren't exactly new problems either, they are just new to people who live in a delusion that would put the most severe LCD trips to shame. In that world of delusion the NCAA has come to procure complete control over all the cash it has amassed over the years. And they do that while simultaneously preventing the opening of Pandora's Box; allowing kids to discover for themselves that they posses skills of value and that if someone won't pay for them, others surely will. Everyone should wish the NCAA luck in legislating the most basic and irrefutable of economic truths, that there is always a market and always someone willing to pay.