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Football Uniform Tweeks For Friday

I like the current UC uniforms. The White, Black and Red looks all work for me. Even the alternate versions of the basic looks, with the white pants, aren't exactly terrible. so persistent rumors and Butch Jones's comments about uni tweaks coming for later in the year made me a touch reticent, especially considering that the changes he made to Central Michigan's uniforms wound up looking terrible. But the tweaked uniforms will be making their debut on Friday night with the Away Whites, (the Black's will have to wait until the Syracuse game, USF is the Ring of Red). And I like them, they keep the current look in tact while dispensing with the three elements I most dislike, the red shoulder pad stripping that went no where, the random bit of black under the arms of the white and red shirts, and the Bearcat Eyes motif which looks great on a T-Shirt, but terrible on a Jersey. The new jerseys look modern, but with the piping on the shoulders and the TV numbers have an old school look about them. All in all an improvement upon an already good look.