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IPFW Gamethread

I will confess to not really doing my homework. I know very little about this team so I will just give it a few bullet points and call it done.

  • IPFW's nickname is the Mastodons, which is spectacular
  • IPFW is short for Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • IPFW is 1-1 on the year beating Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and losing to Xavier in overtime Tuesday
  • They are lead by the trio of Zach Plackemeier, Frank Gaines and Ben Botts which sounds like a mid level farm advocacy non profit
  • One thing that I am sure will be noticed is the boxing headgear being worn at the moment by John Peckinpaugh. He has struggled with concussions recently and has taken the liberty of wearing a modified version of this. Visual evidence via uniwatchblog

Lets Go Cats