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Mike Waddell, Headed to Towson

As I tweeted yesterday Mike Waddell is leaving his post within the UC athletic department to take the head job at Towson. I am not the type of person who hones in on matters of administration often, but given the tremendous job that Waddell has done in Clifton, it's hard not to view this as a loss. 

Waddell worked on nearly all of the sports, but his biggest association in the minds of the average fan was with the Football program. Most people know that Waddell was the right hand man of Brian Kelly when it came to the business side of the program, and as such was instrumental in transforming the Football gameday experience at UC for the better. Prior to his arrival Football games were things that happened, they weren't yet events because the teams were not that great, and because they weren't staged like events either. All the things that take place on campus now, from the fan fest, to the kids play area came under his purview. Not to mention the pre game which a few years ago was just the band with the charge down the steps, which is a really cool tradition in my book, and something that I thoroughly enjoy, it just never quite got the crowd revved up quite like the skydivers, video segments, and fireworks do now. I am sure all of his work will be kept intact, even if it is someone else doing to the booking.  So best of luck with the Tigers to Mike, and know that you have left a pretty indelible mark on UC in your time here.