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Bearcats At Fighting Irish

As ever there are a couple of things to pay attention to in this game. As far as I am concerned the main gun to look for is Tim Abromaitis. If he gets going it won't be a good sign for UC. The other thing is Yancy Gates. Yancy is slated to go tonight, but he likely won't be near 100 per cent. Still 80 per cent of Gates is infinitely preferable to 100 per cent of any of the other posts on the roster. What UC needs most of all from Yancy tonight is rebounding, if he can grab 8+ boards thats bonus country. The biggest problem for UC in the last three games hasn't been the offenses which has been about as good as expected, but the rebounding. Losing the rebounding battle to Syracuse and their immense front line isn't surprising or disheartening, but doing so against the smaller front lines of USF and Villanova is. UC has to control the boards and win the turnover margin to beat Notre Dame at the Joyce Center. This team is capable of doing just that, its just a matter of getting it done.

post away, Go Cats!