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Two More Added to the Class of 2011

I am very, very late on this. But in my defense I have been busy and shit. UC has added Carroll Philips and Demetrius Alston to the 2011 class. Both of them are OLB/DE tweeners and are teammates of current UC commits, Dwight Jackson for Philips and Silverberry Mouhon for Alston. I like both of these guys because they have the versatility to play the OLB or put their hand in the dirt and rush the passer. Alston was a DE for Norcross Blue Devils but has the athletic ability to play linebacker full time. It is the opposite for Philips who was a linebacker for Miami Central. At this point I would usually throw you to some youtube highlights of both of the guys and send you on your way. Problem is there are no highlights out there for either guy so I guess this will be it.