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Bearcats at Red Storm

There is no need to go further in depth about this game or these two teams. If you require a more in depth level of perspective and analysis there are better places to go than this blog. A brief sample of those better places can be seen here, here, here and here. UC is going through a brutal stretch with the losses to Villanova, Syracuse and Notre Dame. At the start of the stretch I was really close to putting St. Johns in the group with those first three. Now? not so much. St. John's is a team that is more UC's speed. Not saying it is an easy game, not by a long shot, but beating St. John's at home doesn't require long stretches of near perfect Basketball like the previous three games did. Tip off is approximately two hours from the moment this post goes live, so there is plenty of time for lubrication and preparation for this game.

Post away and Go Cats