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Bearcats Lose A Pair of Recruits, Pick Up a Pair

Andrew Smith, a three star outside linebacker from Colerain jumped ship to Northwestern. Malcolm Crockett a three star RB from Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington DC has decommitted from UC, though he has yet to give a pledge. Crockett has a final three of UC, Michigan and Pitt. There is a chance that he could come back into the fold for the Bearcats but my guess is he lands at Pitt. Both of these losses suck, and the Smith loss is huge because he is college ready at a position of dire need for UC.

In other news UC has added a QB to this class in the form of Michael Colosimo from Villa Hills, KY. If that last name sounds familiar to you it is with good reason. I think that Colosimo is going to join the program, but I doubt that he will be on a full athletic scholarship. I don't have any sources on this, just an educated guess based on my own experiences with the sons and daughters of Athletic Department employees. Here is his highlight tape. The other addition to the class is kicker A.J. Fleak from Sunbury, OH. With Jake Rodgers gone there is no real harm in bringing in a little bit of competition for Tony Miliano for the kicking job. Highlight tape if you really want to watch four minutes of kicking.