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Crosstown Blowout; Cincinnati Dominates Xavier

I was truly, and genuinely worried about the outcome of this game for all of 3 minutes. X grabbed a 10-4 lead then Larry Davis, Darnell Wilks and Sean Kilpatrick subbed in. After that substitution UC went on 16-4 run sparked by the hot play of Yancy Gates and that was it. Xavier simply isn't deep enough or talented enough to go toe for toe with this UC team, not by a long shot. The scouting report was simple, limit Tu Holloway's impact on the game and you will likely win.

Holloway was a complete non factor, a lot of credit has to go to Larry Davis and Cashmere Wright, Cash in particular. Davis is a very good defender, Cash less so but both of them combined to blunt the only offensive weapon the Musketeers carry into battle. Tu wound up with twice as many turnovers as made baskets. The only thing of note he did in the entire game was throw a punch at Ibrahima Thomas while simultaneously trying to shoot a lay-up.

The first half was Yancy Gates but Dion Dixon absolutely controlled the game in the second half, 13 of his 16 game in the second half. His put back dunk with around 8 minutes to go in the second half was the play of the day and put a rather emphatic dagger in the hearts of Xavier. But this night will always be Yancy Gates. The only Cincinnati boy on the Bearcats roster. He was recruited hard by both schools and has heard a lot of yapping from Xavier people after two losses. Gates wasn't having any of that and the game was ultimately his. That's all for now, more tomorrow. Go crazy folks.

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