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Cincinnati Bearcats At Villanova Gamethread

Opponent: #8 Villanova Wildcats

Conference: Big Eat

Record: 13-1 (2-0)

Venue: The Pavilion, Vilanova, PA

Time: Sunday, 12 PM


This game is sure to be enlightening for UC fans. Villanova is easily the best team UC has faced to date and they are defending a home court that they haven't lost on in what feels like several years.And given the way that Villanova likes to play offense and the way that their team is constructed they are the toughest match up. Good guard play can give UC's defense issues, but the Bearcats haven't come up against much this year. I would be lying if I said that the way this team handled Tu Holloway didn't give me a little bit more confidence heading into this game. That acknowledged, this is a whole different animal. Regardless its almost game time. Post away and Go Cats.