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Linebacker Kenneth Bynum Is 4th Cincinnati Bearcats Commit Today

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I was planning on a nice leisurely Sunday watching the Browns make me despair for humanity against the Raiders. Instead Butch Jones decided that today was the day to put this staffs recruiting baddassery on full display. Kennth Bynum is one of four Floridian linebackers to cast their collective lots with the Bearcats. All of them were on official visits this weekend, and all joined Bearcat Nation before getting on the plane back home. It should also be mentioned that Bynum is teammates with Ey'Shawn McClain, another of the days commitments. To my mind Bynum is the best of the bunch. He stands 6'1 weighs about 215 pounds so he is probably bound to be an outside linebacker when he gets to UC. To me the most impressive thing about him is his range. His highlight shows a couple of plays where he tracks down ball carriers on the perimeter of the defense. Again this is something that a linebacker in this scheme must have. Nick Temple is starting as a freshman in part because his range is somewhat greater than Ben Poolers. Bynum had offers from West Virginia, Illinois, N.C State, North Carolina, Stanford, Rutgers and Southern Miss. Another great get to close out a banner day for UC's recruiting.