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Cincinnati Bearcats 37 South Florida Bulls 34 | Boxscorin

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As I said in the immediate aftermath of the game, USF and UC play nothing be really weird games, and the reasons for why each game is so crazy vary wildly. Sometimes its a slew of turnovers, or en fuego offenses, or just some generally weird bounces of the ball. Whatever the reason the games are always interesting to watch. This game, like all the others, is replete with statistical oddities.

  • The 507 yards of total offense is the highest output of the year for the Bearcats against FBS competition. Ditto for the 6.8 yards per play. And all this against the 34th ranked defense in the nation.
  • Watching the game I thought that the offensive line was out of sorts all afternoon long. But the stats say another story. Zach Collaros was sacked just once on the day and the Bulls only had 6 TFL's on the day which is basically half of the Bulls season averages. It could just be that Zach Collaros is making OK protection look terrible by just generally freaking out and making bad decisions.
  • Speaking of Zach here is his statistical production broken out by half.


Attempts Completions Yards YPA TD INT Rating
1st Half 23 13 155 6.7 1 2 110.1
2nd Half 18 13 234 13 2 0 218.1
  • I have no idea what the hell happened in the locker room to go from the guy who made mind bendingly moronic decisions like underhand flipping 20 yards down field into the arms of an awaiting Bull to the guy who threw that most perfect of perfect strikes to Armon Binns err Alex Chisum
  • Speaking of Chisum what a game from the lad, three catches for 73 yards and a massive TD. Now we are beginning to see why this kid smashed all of Calvin Johnson's high school records. 
  • A very workman like game from Isaiah Pead today. He didn't pop any big runs, in fact his longest on the day was just 14 yards. But he made a big impact in the passing game and wound up with 127 yards of total offense.
  • Kenbrell Thompkins had a solid day back in his home state 6 catches for 114 yards.
  • D.J. Woods looked like his old self out there
  • Alex Hoffman had a rough afternoon with 3 false start penalties.
  • One week after dominating proceedings Derek Wolfe was pretty quiet with just 3 tackles, zero for loss, and a fumble recovery.
  • The Joker Package got a ton of run today and it produced a candidate for DERP of the week


  • Daniels-what-are-you-doing_medium

  • J.K. Schaffer is a bit rockish in the middle of the defense, 8 more stops and a fumble recovery. 
  • Nick Temple is in the same category as Alex Chisum. He is young, and he plays young at times, but he is going to be a stud. This was easily his strongest game of the season.
  • Ralph Abernathy IV is turning into a special teams weapon
  • Patrick O'Donnell is a special teams weapon. He averaged 53.5 yards per punt and seems hell bent on winning the Ray Guy award that Kevin Huber was twice robbed of.