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Rolling Through The Roster | 1 Cashmere Wright

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Cashmere Wright 1 6'0" 175 G JR

Last Year

2010-11 was the best year in the relatively short career of Cash by far. He posted career highs in minutes, points, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, free throw %, field goal % and 3 point %. By any conceivable metric he knocked it out of the park in 2011. He was the major force behind UC's drive from the fringes of the NCAA tournament to a 6 seed. And to think he did all that with basically one functioning knee. His performance in the UConn game in the tournament is something that I will never forget.

2011 and Beyond

Just like last year at the end all eyes will be on Cash's knee. He started last year at close to 100 per cent, but after every game his health would return to something less than 100 per cent. Every game the starting point was lower and the wrap on his knee got bigger and bigger. If Cash is healthy there is no ceiling to what this team can do and how deep a run they can make.