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October 27th Jump Off

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Football News

Five Keys to Winning the Big East // Bearcat Lair

Collaros said the option pitch/pass interception near halftime wasn’t intentional, but he also made the same play earlier in the game, and the questionable pitch was nowhere near to getting out of bounds. Regardless of the intention, Collaros needs to show better judgment. If he is throwing the ball away outside the tackle box, there needs to be no doubt.

Preaching to the choir

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Tommy Tuberville, winning friends and influencing people - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Cincinnati. Congratulations, Bearcats: Two weeks into conference play and you're the last Big East team standing without a conference loss. Enjoy it, before you get consumed by the knot that is the Big East standings, too.


Bearcats True Freshman Stepping Up in the First Half // Bearcats Nation
Nick Temple and Alex Chisum have flashed great potential early, but they aren't alone.

2011 Big East Positive Impact Factor: Week Eight // Big East Coast Bias

Big 12 Expansion

Big 12 May Admit Louisville, Not West Virginia //

.A late push by Louisville has put political pressure on the Big 12 and opened the possibility of Louisville’s being the university that is admitted instead of West Virginia. Two people with direct knowledge of the situation said that lobbying by the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, including to David Boren, the president of the University of Oklahoma and a former senator, helped slow West Virginia’s admittance to the Big 12.

As has been the case for weeks UC's best/only chance is for the Big 12 to reverse coarse and go with 12 because.

Bronco Mendehall would rather ‘stand alone’ then cave to a conference that doesn’t accept BYU’s faith // Dr. Saturday

But the uniqueness of BYU isn't much of a selling point in the current game of musical chairs, and Mendenhall knows that if the university gets passed by in this round it could be awhile before it comes again. So he's not shy to hitch BYU's wagon to the nearest shining star, Boise State.

BYU is out.

Conference Realignment Evening Update: And Now Congress Gets Involved // Team Speed Kills

So, wait, Congress is involved in conference realignment now? Why? Because we're getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and don't have an unemployment crisis or anything to worry about, so they're moving on to more important things. Honestly, this isn't an entirely ridiculous thing for members of the U.S. Senate to concern themselves with. You're talking tens of millions of dollars for public universities in their state and the potential economic development issues associated with football programs moving around. On the other hand, it looks bad. And believe a political observer when he says there is literally no situation that a state legislature or the U.S. Congress cannot make worse.

Will Louisville now take WV’s spot in Big 12? // UC Athletics Blog

Where does that leave UC? Apparently, the Bearcats are still hoping and praying the Big East can still be cobbled together in such a manner that the league can maintain its AQ BCS status. Whether the Bearcats are also lobbying the Big 12 is not known, although I’m told they have had talks with Big 12 officials. UC president Greg Williams has remained steadfast – as recently as Monday – in his belief that the Big East is still the best place for the Bearcats.

Bill, if UC is talking with the Big 12, and it's basically public knowledge that UC has had discussion with the Big 12, then they aren't "steadfast" in their commitment to the Big East, they are just covering all the bases.


Conversation With Cronin III // Paul Dehner

Without doubt, Gates will be the driving force behind this team. The biggest question entering this year is can we expect to see the Gates of the final eight games of last season for all 30-plus this year? This is Gates' final chance to deliver on the hype and have the season everyone believes he can -- including NBA scouts. "He's in a great place," Cronin said. "The table is set for him. I think that he's a microcosm of our team. He's improved each year and really played well down the stretch last year. We both finally - I don't care about myself, talking about my team and him - have a chance of getting the respect finally. They don't just give it to you. You got to do it one year and, oh let's see, then you do it again the next year then everybody believes it. And he knows it's his last chance. Being a senior you know it is time to show what you are made of."

2011 Cincinnati Bearcats College Basketball preview // The Sports Bank

Junior college transfer Cheikh Mbodj figures to start alongside Gates up-front. Mbodj is physical down low and can protect the rim on D, but he is also a polished offensive player. It will be very difficult for opposing teams to match-up with the size and skill of the Gates/Mbodj duo

It is going to be interesting to watch Cheikh this year. By far the biggest unkown among the presumptive starters.

Other Bearcat News

Volleyball Defeats Xavier in Cross-Town Face-Off //

Game Recognize Game

My 1st Radio Experience // Bearcats Blog
Scott is doing big things

Nationally Recognized

Eric LeGrand Update: Paralyzed Rutgers lineman will lead Knights onto the field vs. West Virginia // Dr. Saturday
LeGrand told Yahoo!Sports Tuesday he will be leading the Scarlet Knights out the tunnel for the pregame introductions at High Point Solutions Stadium, where he hopes to give an emotional lift to the 5-2 Scarlet Knights as they make an upset bid against West Virginia. Had the injury not occurred, rendering him unable to play football again, LeGrand would be in the midst of his senior season under head coach Greg Schiano.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Marshall Auerback and Rob Parenteau: The Myth of Greek Profligacy & the Faith Based Economics of the ‘Troika’ " naked capitalism
A different take on the Greek issues of the moment, well researched and though out. Even if the conclusions aren't ones I completely agree with.