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Rolling Through The Roster | 3 Dion Dixon

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Dion Dixon 3 6'3" 195 G Sr.

Last Year

Dion Dixon had a bit of a weird year in 2010-11. Coming into the year my assumption was that Dixon would be a bit of a go to offensive player. I didn't expect the offense to run through him, but I expected him to be near the top of the pecking order. Things didn't shake out like that. About midway through the season it became clear that Sean Kilpatrick provided the perimeter spark I expected from Dixon and Dion had to kind of find a new role. Down the stretch he was Cashmere Wrights back up at the point, but neither he, nor the offense were particularly efficient with that look. In the end Dixon did a little bit of everything, he defended, rebounded and had timely offense. Dixon averaged almost 12 points a game and at the end of a game I would look at the stats and be surprised by the stats. Quiet was definitely the word in 2010-11.


I anticipate a bigger role for Dixon, though not necessarily a bigger offensive one. Hands down the biggest loss from last years team is the defensive versatility of Rashad Bishop. Cronin's ability to Bishop on the oppositions best 1-4 player was a big reason why the defense was so, so good in 2010-11. Dixon is, in my estimation, the best perimeter defender on the roster this year and he can do some of the things that Bishop did. He will still be a very good player for the offense, but Sean Kilpatrick is likely to be the go to wing this year. I am going to watch Dixon and his adjustment to his role this season.