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Rolling Through The Roster | 5 Justin Jackson

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Justin Jackson 5 6'8" 210 F So

Last Year

Jackson was one of the unsung members of last years team and one of my personal favorites. He didn't bring a ton to the table offensively. His 2.5/2.5 line doesn't blow you away and he only averaged something like 12 minutes per game. But he was a nightmare defensively and he will only get better. He is a versatile defender able to switch every screen which is a vital ability for anyone wanting to play for Mick Cronin.

2011 and Beyond

Jackson looks to be on the outside looking in as a starter at the second forward spot opposite Yancy Gates. But Jackson will more than likely be the first man off the bench and counted upon to deliver great defensive pressure. I have good things about his continuing development as an offensive player. He has added a somewhat reliable jumper from 10 feet to his slashing ability, not to mention his passing which as always been excellent. Jackson will continue to make his money defensively and anything he gives the offense is a bonus.