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For Cincinnati and Pitt Coaching Connections Abound

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The nature of the coaching business is that in almost every game there will be one or two guys on a staff who coached along side a guy or two on the other side of field. Coaches who are working their way up the ranks move early and often, like stupefyingly often. There are exceptions of course, Virginia Tech being the obvious one, but for the most part coaches stay in one place for 3 or 4 years and move on. So connections are everywhere. But this will be taken to the extreme on Saturday. No fewer than 6 members of the Pitt and Cincinnati coaching staffs are members of the Rich Rodriguez coaching tree, and all but one of them, UC O-Line coach Don Mahoney was on the staff at West Virginia. Mahoney was actually the Offensive Line coach at Tulane when Rich Rod was the offensive coordinator for the Green Wave.

For UC Butch Jones is obviously well known for spending the 2005 and 2006 seasons in Morgantown coaching the Wide Receivers. The other Bearcat with ties to the Rich Rod is Dave Lawson who was also at WVU during the Rodriguez era.

Calvin McGee is probably the best known and most highly regarded of the WVU ex-pats in Pittsburgh. Magee was the running backs coach at WVU and was actually the offensive coordinator when Butch Jones spent his time in Morgantown. Magee followed Rich Rod to Michigan and landed a job at Pitt when Rodriguez was given the axe.

Paul Randolph also worked at WVU for the 2002 season. Tony Gibson was in Morgantown from 2001-2007 working with the defensive backs. And finally there is Tony Dews who was a graduate assistant during the first season of the Rodriguez era in Morgantown.

What does this all mean for the outcome of Saturdays game? In truth the answer is probably not much. If I were to construct a list of all the factors that could have an impact on the outcome of Saturdays game all these coaching connections wouldn't rank in the top 10. But I can guarantee you that whoever is going to be doing the announcing wise will bring this up at least once in the course of the game. Now you will know it before they say it, this of course gives you the right to call them idiots, and isn't that worth it.