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Bearcats and Scarlet Knights | Lets Make It Six

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The game is finally upon us all. After a week spent mostly discussing and dissecting purely hypothetical scenarios the rubber mets the road. I am confident about this game. Not thinking that a win is preordained by any stretch of the imagination. But I think that at the end of the day UC has to things that they can hang their hat on. Running the Football with Isaiah Pead and getting after the quarterback, be it Chas Dodd or Gary Nova. Rutgers is still dead last in the conference at stopping the run and while improved in protection they haven't seen a defensive line like UC's this season. Rutgers has some things working for them, particularly on special teams where they have been little short of spectacular all season long. Not to mention the prolific production of Mohamed Sanu. Rutgers will present problems and cause some mistakes. But if I beleive in one thing about the 2011 it is that their resolve surpasses that of any team they will be facing. Having Munchie Legaux in there instead of Zach Collaros won't change that. But this could all be bullshit. It's just my theory

Geaux Bearcats