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Report: Butch Jones Candidate For UCLA Job When Open

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We have all been down this road before and it is never exactly fun. That Rick Neuheisel is being fired is not exactly surprising to anyone. He has clearly failed in his four year run with his Alama Mater and his firing is a matter of when rather than if. So the first list of the highly speculative potential candidates are being floated around and Butch Jones is among them, per the Orange County Register. The relevant passage being...

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel is expected to be fired following Pac-12 championship game against Oregon with Boise State coach Chris Peterson, Houston's Kevin Sumlin and Cincinnati's Butch Jones the leading candidates to replace him.

For what it's worth I find the odds of Jones leaving UC to pursue the ongoing rebuilding efforts in Westwood to be very long. He seems genuinely happy to be in Clifton, he has good facilities, a supportive administration and now an Athletic Director who isn't the worst kind of moron imaginable. I am not stupid enough to think that Butch Jones will be UC's coach for eternity. But there is no way that UCLA is going to be the job to pry him away from Clifton.