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Bearcat Football Senior Week | 24 Wesley Richardson

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Anyone who has read this blog for a prolonged period of time probably knows that my opinion of Wesley Richardson hasn't always been glowing. In my opinion he struggled mightily last year as a Junior and I was more than a little prepared to write him off entirely heading into this season. But a funny thing happened on the way to confirming my pre written narrative, Richardson became a pretty good cog in a vastly improved defense. He has been a veritible rock of stability for the secondary.

And I am happy for the guy because by all accounts he is a good guy and his journey from walk on to starter is one that should be commended and repeated. He has never had the most talent, even among those he was competing for a job with. But his under standing of the game allowed him to work around not being as big or fast has his competitors. He has turned in his best performance as a Senior posting 60 tackles to go with 1 INT, 2 pass break ups and a forced fumble.

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