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Bearcat Football Senior Week | 81 Tomaz Hilton

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Tomaz Hilton was one of the first players to commit to the Bearcats in the wake of Brian Kelly's hiring back in December of 2007. He came to the Bearcats with extensive experience at Wide Receiver, which is where he played in High School at the Rayen School in Youngstown. But he was labled as an athlete by some scouting services. In his UC career he has played at several positions. After red shirting in 2007 he was moved to linebacker. He spent some time at linebacker and briefly in the secondary in 2008 before moving back to Wide Reciever. Despite never latching on with one defined position Hilton has been a contributor to the Bearcats in special teams. Much like his fellow receiver and Senior Orion Woodard Hilton has been a stalwart of the Bearcats kick coverage units for the past two seasons.