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Bearcat Football Senior Week | 12 Zach Collaros

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Put in the simplest terms possible Zach Collaros is in the pantheon of all time great QB's for the Bearcats. He might not be on the level of Greg Cook, Danny McCoin or even Gino Guidugli but he is on the mount rushmore for the Bearcats. Collaros came out of nowhere in 2009 and immediately leaped on the the national consciousness with his 75 yard dash to the end zone against South Florida. The one thing you can truly say about Zach is that he has a knack for making plays that is hard to teach. He has made a lot of good plays during his three years at the helm of the good ship Bearcat by simply having the, for lack of a better term, balls or bollocks is you're British. Collaros will go down in the UC record books as one of the best QB's in program history ranking in the top 5 for completions, attempts, passing yards, and Touchdowns. While the moments of frustration have persisted, Collaros's place in Bearcat lore is secured.